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Snow Blower Repair

April 22, 2018

Last winter I hit a pretty good sized tree branch that was under the snow with the snow blower. It did sheer one of the sheer pins, but not before bending one of the auger blades pretty good.

Finally we got some warm weather and I got out in the driveway where I could see things much better than in the garage. In an hour and a half I had it fixed.

The blower unit comes apart from the wheels and controls pretty easily as it turns out. The discharge chute will actually come apart with not tools (so that it can be cleared of a jam while working I guess).

Four bolts lets the two halve separate, and then one cap screw to get the drive pulley off and the gear box and auger assembly come out the front.

The engine, wheel, control unit. Four bolts to take this off the blower unit.
The auger drive pulley. One screw and that comes off, and then the drive shaft, gear box and auger assembly pulls out the front.
The bent blade.
The augers back together. I oiled the auger shaft liberally while I had it apart.