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Leaf Trailer Repair

November 2011

Toward the end of November (once the annual leaf cleanup was done) I did some repair work on the leaf trailer. The bed had broken out allowing the bed latch prop to move so that the bed would no longer stay latched down. It was just a matter of time until the whole bracket broke out of the bottom of the bed.

Also, going back to when I bought the thing, the axles had been cut into by the wheel bearings. Apparently the previous owner had not kept the wheels lubricated (I have and the wear has not increased). I've wnated to repair this axle situation ever since I've had this thing (I'm guessing about 20 years).

The first question was where to get a new axle. I decided rather than getting a new axle, I'd just repair the one I had by cutting of the ends, flipping them around and welding them back on so that some unworn metal was where the bearings run on the axle. That turned out to be a pretty easy fix that worked out just fine.

I also needed to repair the bed and reinforce it with a piece of angle iron. The photos below illustrate that.

The last improvement was making a wooden tailgate for use when the leaf collection cover isn't on the trailer.

Here's the welding in the bed of the trailer. It is pretty tricky to stick weld something this thin. Its difficult to start the arc when the current is set low enough to keep from burning through the sheet metal.

Here the trailer is painted and ready for the new angle reinforcement.

Trailer with the angle reinforcement finished.

The new tailgate made from white ash.
Himself gluing up the tailgate.
Photo by Matthew Boehm.

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