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Update on Noble Ridge

November 12, 2019

I received an e-mail from Phillip "Nightsift" Evans. He was searching the Internet and found my page about being in training and staying at Noble Ridge appartments. He worked the night shift there from 1985 to 1993. Here's an exerpt from his e-mail.

It seems like once every few years I google IBM and Noble Ridge just to see what stories are out there out of curiosity.

Well, I just did again this morning and I found a brother in Christ!
I worked at Noble Ridge as a desk clerk from 1985 to 1993, about 8.5 years or so. Most of that time I worked the 11pm to 7am shift.

And I do remember those Chevy Caprices! Late at night, especially Friday and Saturday night, they'd come in at about 50 mph it seemed. Sometimes, I'd have my car already running and chase them down to get their tag number, though I don't recall actually reporting anyone. I caught one driving way up on the grass. He begged me not to report him, and I didn't. 

With the help of a security guard I once helped a large, drunk gentleman walk up the stairs to his apartment.

Most of the IBM'ers as we called them were pretty nice. The only bad part of the job was the first hour or two, the switchboard was crazy non-stop. Well, and the pay wasn't great either. But getting paid to watch TV and play computer games wasn't all bad.

And you're right about the place, the apartments were not luxurious by any means. They are now called The Columns At Lake Ridge:

So "Nighshift" Phil answered the burning question I've had for years, where exactly was Noble Ridge Appartments and are they still there today. Thanks Phil!

I was working in the area in 2018 and drove around wracking my brain trying to remember things, but I never did find old "Chernoble Ridge."

So now I'm anxious to get back to Dunwoody and do a drive by on Noble Ridge and hopefully look up my new brother in Christ, Phil.