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Selling Mainframe Development Software

I've had this job longer than any other in my career. I've been selling mainframe development tools since about 2007. IBM's HR system no longer list all of the jobs that I've had. Actually I was selling the products before that, but in 2007 or 2008 I joined the North America team.

I started on the team, it was called Enterprise Modernization. Today it's called DevOps. It's always been about developing software, faster, better, cheaper.

Here's the team in June 2013 at Innovate in Orlando, FL

Left to right: Ed Steele, Frank Jones, Regi Barosa, Mrg Joel Sundman, Zvi Weiss, Mitch Funsten, David Bean, Boyd, and a trainee I don't remember. Wilbert Kho was on our team at the time also. Not sure why he wasn't in the photo.

Here's a page about my 40 year anniversary, with my team at that time (2017).

Here's a shot from December 2019 in Princeton, NJ of my colleague and good friend Regi Barosa doing a demo.

It's been a great pleasure working with Regi for all of these years and we've become good friends.