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98 Regal GS

December 23, 2001. We hit the 100k mile mark. We were on an Ashland county road coming back from the Ashland Lake Gun Club. We were about a mile south of Rt. 42.
Alex was with me - you can faintly see him in the passenger seat. He agreed that his old man is weird, making a big deal out of reaching 100k miles.

I purchased the car in late December 1998 or early January 1999, so on December 23, 2001 I'd owned the car right at three years. It had approximately 6000 miles on it when I bought it (it was a dealer demonstrator). So, I put 93,000 miles on it in three years.

I had done nothing to it in regards to maintenance, except putting one set of tires on it. I'd changed oil at regular intervals, and that's all.

I used Mobil 1 synthetic oil and double the recommended oil change interval from 7500 miles to 15000 miles. I started using Mobil 1 so that I could double the oil change interval. Not to save money but I was getting tired of changing oil every six week or so. With Mobil 1 could go three months between changes. Yea!

I sold it to John with 185k miles on it.
It was a good car. I got over 100k miles on one set of Michelin tires.
Changed the water pump once and the antilock braking motor once.
That's about all the trouble I had with this car.