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Here's my Ford F250 Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel.
Its all truck - diesel engine (lots of noise and power), manual transmission, not expanded cab, 3/4 ton rough ride.
You can feel how heavy it is when you drive it.

January 2010
I traded the F250 in on an F150. The F150 is much quieter and pleasant to drive. Here are the last pics I took to post on Craigs list. I had it listed for a day and did have on guy call that was really hot to buy it, but I decided I didn't want to fool around with that and just traded it in. Also, the oil pan was rusting out and I didn't want to put that onto an individual. The dealers figure all of that kind of stuff into the price and so I don't feel so bad in letting them have the problem.

The F250 Powerstroke diesel is a brute of a truck. It was great for hauling logs but not so much for driving to the airport.