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My ex-CTS

I got more unsolicited comments about this car in the first 6 months I owned it than all of the rest of the cars I've owned in my life time. From old men to teenagers, people see it and stare and say, nice car.
In September or October (2005) I bought new wheels and tires (16") because the 18" tires that were on it were shot, and it cost more to buy 18" tires than I spent for brand new 16" wheels and tires that came off a 2005 CTS ($600). Its still a nice car, but I don't get the comments.

Here are the details on the first repair I had to make.

September 2007 - I now have 98k miles on the CTS and its proven to be a very unreliable car. I had to replace the air conditioning compressor and a rear axle seal under warranty. Then I had to replace the variable steering solenoid. Then the crankcase vent system froze up and blew 2+ quarts of oil out on I71. I had to spend $100+ to get a kit to fix that (there is a TSB on this problem). Next was the crankshaft sensor. Now the other rear axle seal and the transmission output shaft seals are leaking. I've had it with this car. Its great to drive, but miserable to own.
November 2007 - I traded this "Job-mobile" for a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. The Caddy, needed a new driveshaft (that's right, a drive shaft - see the story here.) I coinded the term "Job-mobile" when I owned an '84 Ford Turbo Coupe. The car just kept braking down when it reached 100k miles.
I bought this in January of 2006, so I owned it just short of three years. I put about 75k miles on it. I paid $21k for it and got $6500 trade-in value. This has been a very expensive car. Very, very disappointing. I enjoyed driving the car. It ran and handled great and was comfortable and quiet, but it broke down about every 4 months. My '63 Falcon was more reliable and much less expensive to fix.

September 2016 - I found this laying around & thought I'd add to the official record here.