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Dean Scott

His handshake was firm, and he held my hand a long time. He said, "Thanks for coming. I'll see you later," and I replied, "I'll see you later." His intense look into my eyes told me that he felt the same thing as me.. maybe we wouldn't see each other again on this side of glory, but that we would see each other later. Then he said, "I love you." And I replied, "We love you too." As I walked from the room, I aked myself why I said "we." As I thought about the guys that we had been in Bible study with for those ten years or more, and also my family, "we" was the natural thing. Our intuition was correct. I won't see him again until glory

I met Dean in 1999 or 2000, just before we went to the Domincan Republic together in February, 2000. It was the fist time for both of us to go there. I don't remember how the trip came about, but needless to say, we got to know each other much better during the trip.

Around that same time, Dean started a Bible study and breakfast on Friday mornings at his home. He cooked breakfast for a dozen or so guys every Friday for 10 years or so.
Dean at his 65th birthday party in March 2001.
(his long-time friend Steve Arbaugh in the background)
He was the most natural host I've ever known. He enjoyed cooking for people and having them into his home. He has served many, many meals to many people in his home just because he loved to do it. His only disappointment in doing it was if a big crowd didn't show up.

Anyone that knows Dean very much at all, knows that he was quite a character. He joked with anyone at most any time. What I'll call his "blatant humor" wasn't always appreciated, but that didn't matter much to Dean.

Dean was a gun collector, but he was also a shooter. And he would not hesitate to tell you that. He shot in various competitons throughout his life. I shot in IDPA with him and also at a Silhoutte match or two that he ran (he was the Silhouette director at the gun club for several years).

If you asked him if he was a hunter, he would tell you that he was not only a hunter but also killer. He said that he shot squirrels in the right eye on even years and in the left eye on odd years just to make it fair.

I could tell "Dean stories," for hours, but I'll refrain. I'll just say that he was willing to help most anyone with any kind of help, and his many talents enabled him to help in many siturations.

His obituary