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Lakeside 2020

Due to COVID-19, this is the first vacation we've had this year.

So a dedicated page for Lakeside. I don't usually do that.

I brought my bike this year. It's an old Schwinn Continental. Circa 1964. It's still very functional, but it was dirty and rusted, so I did some cleaning on it. It looks better but not great. It needs to come apart and be restored. Maybe over the winter.

The kids had fun riding with me. Even John commented saying he was glad I brought it so that we could ride together.

On one of our bike rides, Christian showed me some face trees. There used to be one next to the house we stayed in several years ago, but its gone now.

An unusual sight, seen on Monday AM. It was gone in a few minutes and never had any impact on us at Lakeside. It was raining on Saturday when we arrived. And then cloudy and windy on Sunday and Monday.

We went boating on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Pulled the tube both days.

Here's the family photo we take each year.