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40th Wedding Anniversary Trip to Mackinac Island

June 15, We drove to a sales call in Detroit and then on up to Mackinaw City to catch the 7:30pm ferry to the island. We arrived in Mackinaw City in time to get a bite to eat at a bar and grill across the street from the ferry.

Waiting to board the ferry to the Island
Shepler's Ferry from Machinaw City takes about 20 minutes. The boat runs about 30mph which is pretty fast for a boat of that size.
You can see from the GPS track below, that we reached 32.3 mph. I didn't start the GPS tracking right when we started. I just got 12 minutes. I stopped it once we entered the breakwater area.

We stayed at The Inn at Mackinac. It is an old building but clean and nicely decorated. The room and bathroom were of a reasonable size. The breakfast was good. They have coffee and hot water available at all hours.

Tuesday, June 16
Wednesday, June 17