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Stories From My Growing Up

In The Woods

Jumping from sappling onto smaller sapplings and riding them down as the gracefully bend under our weight, and the going there in the fall and having one break on Cheney.

Building "forts" in the staw

Terry Cusick lived on dairy farm. They had a big barn with hey and straw bailed up put away in the "mow". We would go up into the straw and arrange the bails so as to create "forts" and tunnels and high up platforms and shelves where we could overlook and watch for the enemy coming. In reality we didn't do this all that much, but what we did was very fun and memorable.

Riding bicycles

When I was teen, my friends and I rode our bicycles all over the place. We rode to Green Camp, to Prospect, to Waldo and into Marion. Funny, I don't remember ever being caught in the rain, but I must have been. I rode my bicycle down to Hoch's egg farm every Saturday for a year, including in the winter when there was snow on the road.

Ice Skating

My dad took the three of us ice skating one night over at the back water of the Little Scioto river by Green Camp. We were the only ones there. I don't know if it was the first night or another night, but dad brought a can of motor oil and burned that for heat, although it didn't provide much.
Later, I would go over there with my friends. We rode our bikes once or twice. My mom took us sometimes, I eventually got a driver's license and drove. Cusick went with me and Cheney went with me. I remember one time Cusick and I went and we took a rabbit that Cusick had shot and we cooked it on a fire there for our lunch. What an adventure!

Boy Scouts

  • camp outs
  • becoming Sr. Patrol Leader
  • leading the 50 Mile Afoot or Afloat outing


- bailing hay
- Hochs
- Gas stations
- Cleaning at the credit beaura
- Working at Mason's Dept. Store
- Going to work at Getman Bros.