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Backyard (or garage) Plinking

For thearpy, I shoot the Optimus at a plastic jar on a stick. It's about 45-50 yards from the garage where I'm shooting. I can hit it reliably if I'm in a sitting position.

The photos are from January 2, 2016. It was about 31 degrees. I didn't spend a lot of time. Shot about 6 or 8 rounds. The last few I seemed to be missing, which I couldn't understand. When I walked out to the jar, I see that it's pretty well shot up, so I may have been going through areas that were just open air.

I'm shooting JSB Diablo Heavy pellets. They work well in this gun as well as the Daisy 853s

Shooting from the chair. I can hit pretty consistently from this position.

The target is a peanut butter jar on a stick about 45-50 yards away.