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1949 Cadillac "Sedanette" Model 61

What a car! I was looking for a car to work on, but we had very little available funds as we had just bought the house and borrowed even for the downpayment (there were ways to do that back then).

So when I heard that Gaines Green had these old cars for sale, I went over to check them out. He only wanted $100 for this old Cadillac. I told him that was too much and he sold it for $80. It was probably worth more in scrap.

This is one I definitely wish I had today, although it is massive and takes lots of space to store.

Establishing the classic Cadillac styling for 1950s. This shows what was unique about this car... the fastback, and the tail fins. 1948 was the first for the body style and it was modeled after the P38 Lightning aircraft that GM built the engines for.
Seat heaters the old fashioned way. The car had power windows too that were vaccum driven as I recall, and of course did not work.
The big 331 CI V8. Lots of power for the day. This was the first year for this engine.
Pretty rough all around The neighbor kid who liked to come down the street and ask 1000 questions. I was happy to have the company.

The engine had a burnt valve on one of the heads. I had a 1950 sedan that I bought for parts and swapped the head off that car onto the '49. I actually bought the '50 for the radiator. The '49 was missing a raditor and it was common to the '50. I also used the generator off the '50 and voltage regulator. Most of the elecricals under the hood was gone.

I had to clean the brake cylinders and lines to get the brakes to work. I had to clean and paint the wheels to get them to hold air for more than a few days.