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Mosher's and Related Families

Gershom Mosher moved from the finger lake region of New York to Morrow County, Ohio in 1812. I descended from him. He had relatives that also moved to Morrow County, and my grandfather always said, "If they're named Mosher and live in Morrow County, we're related."

The Moshers were some of the first settlers in Morrow County. Asa Mosher (I don't know if he is related but presume he is) ran a very popular mill in Cardington.

The Mosher Family Chronology as I know it.
Edmond Mosher, MD
Theodore Mosher, MD
Grandpa Mosher (Charles Orba Mosher)
The Mosher Sisters circa Summer 1928 -
L-R: Gloria, Betty (my mother), Norma

If you have additional information or rememberances, please share them with me.

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