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Thoughts About Philosophies That Are Close, But Not On Target

I've been thinking about ideas that are expressed that are close the essence of truth, but miss the truth. I sort of have the idea that these are very detrimental. Most people like ideas that are close to the truth. I do not like them. Let me give you some examples:

The problem with schools: Most people would say that schools in America aren't teaching kids what they need to know. Its true that school perhaps aren't as effective as they could and should be, but the My children got a good education because their mother & I determined that they would. The family makes all the difference.

The Mormon Church: Many Christians like much about the Mormon church as do I. They teach many good values. However we must not see them as an ally. They do not have the proper belief in Christ and so will lead people astray. Dobson said that the Mormon church is our greatest ally in the fight against homosexual marriage in California. If we ally with the Mormon church, we are missing the mark. Our number one agenda as Christians should be seeing men and women boys and girls coming to Christ. The Mormon church will hinder that rather than help it.

The Russians during WWII - America allied with the Russian to defeat Nazi Germany. Gen. George Patton wanted to defeat the Russians after WWII. He recognized the threat they were and that they were against our primary objective of freedom. But America chose to see them as an ally and so paid the price and may still be paying the price. Being allied with an entity against a common enemie results in a very difficult situation when the common enemie is defeated. It might be better to never ally with an enemy, even to defeat a common enemy.