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Chinese Virus Pandemic Commentary Part 4

September 4, 2020 - It's been six months now. That seems like a long time, but I believe it's just the start. I believe this will be with us a long time. Not because of the virus but because people like the control and power it has given them. All that has been done has not been about health, it has been about power and control.

Finally someone has sued the governor of Ohio. I hope this prevails, but I wouldn't bet a dime on it. Here's the complaint to the court. The amount of detail they have is impressive, but I wonder if the detail doesn't dilute the effectiveness. The net of the case is that the governor and health commissioner have no legal basis for the mandates. They cannot make up laws on their own.

I've titled this page "Chinese Virus." I believe the virus was man made in China. I don't know the intent, but I think there were a lot of Americans working on it. We know there were American universities involved with the lab in Wuhan China. And we know the lab was working on this virus.

October 8, 2020 - We're getting closer to the election and COVID is being politicized even more. President Trump was found to be infected over the weekend. He was back at the Whitehouse on Monday, "feeling better than he has in 20 years." He took is mask off while standing outside on a balcony, by himself at the Whitehouse and the media and Democrats went crazy saying that he was basically killing people by doing that. There is a presidential debate in a week and the Dems want it to be remote because of the threat of infection from Trump. He says he's not doing it remotely. The Dems are now talking about invoking the 25th amendment claiming that he is not able to perform the role of president.

Locally, there is an outbreak at the local prisons, and those numbers were included into the count for our county and threatened to make us "Purple." The highest level. It just shows how illogical the counting etc. is. People complained and guess what? We didn't turn purple.

October 11, 2020 - I've had a persistent cough for about a week and some shortness of breath the past several days, especially in the AM. So of course the question comes about, do I have it? I've had similar symptoms before. I think because of the medication that I'm on, I can get a cold and it amounts to these symptoms. Or maybe its allergies, I don't know. I don't really care. But the issue this AM was should I go to church? The biggest concern is that there are several medical people in my SS class, and if I went there and had this cough, they would likely not be happy with me. So I decided to not go. But there are complications with that

October 28, 2020 - We were on vacation in Great Smoky Mountain National Park last week. People everywhere! Including families with kids. Aren't kids supposed to be in school? I suppose their schools are out, or they are doing school remotely. Or maybe mom and dad just figured they couldn't go on vacation earlier this year so the are doing it now. There were plenty of foreign people too. Many folks were wearing masks, even outside.

I just saw an article that a large and thorough study was done in Denmark, but they can't find anyone to publish it. The speculation is that it proves pretty conclusively that masks have no effect, and so no one wants to publish it. There is no truth in media anymore. And people are happy to lie to themselves, believing that a mask protects them from the virus. No medical person asserts that. It is well known that they have only a small benefit in protecting others.

Now the numbers of infections and hospitalization are going up, so the manta is, "wear your masks!" But we know it has little effect.

November 3, 2020 - My son called last night and said that he had lost his sense of taste. Of course a significant indicator of having he virus. So this brings the thing much closer to home. Connie had been over there on Saturday baby sitting. That was just three days prior, so she has likely been exposed. Although I heard yesterday that the transmission rate with no symptoms is very low. So it leaves us waiting and watching, and wondering.

Today is election day. It will be interesting to see what happens with voter turn out. I saw an article yesterday speculating that the Democrats may have shot themselves in the foot by making the virus such and issue, as its more liberal folks who seem to be the most concern about it, and its the liberal media and the Democrats who have been stoking the fear. So it will be interesting if this results in a lower turn out for Democrats. Of course, how would we ever know is the even bigger question. Not that it can't be measured, but will it be truthfully reported?

November 5, 2020 - I got my son to call a doctor. We had to have a fairly heartfelt conversation to convince him as he saw it as a waste of time and money to see the doctor. I told him he wouldn't see the doctor, as they don't COVID patients to come in. My case is that it's pretty obvious now that treating the virus early and agressively is the best course. We saw that with President Trump (and there are many, many other examples). Quick treatment usually results in quick halt of the virus. This is just like what any doctor would tell you with regard to Tamiflu and the flu. Get the treatment in the first day or two and it can make a signifcant differnce.

So the doc is called, and he declines poviding any help. Says the antivirals have side effects and you need to be in the hospital. This is completely nonsensical.

I don't know what the motivation is for this behavior. But I believe it is very common.

  • Is it that they hate to see anything the despised President promotes be successful?
  • Is it that if they didn't read it in some medical journal or have the AMA send out a notice to physicians they won't do it?
  • What is the motivation for not helping people get well? (and I think that's the question I'll as the doctor if i'm put in this position.

November 9, 2020 - Now my daughter in-law, who is 8 months pregnant has tested positive. I think her symptoms are light. And the general thinking is that children are for the most part not effected. However, all three of their children have had symptoms like stomach flu (vomiting) and so you wonder if that was the Chinese virus. We are optimistic that she will be fine, but none the less concerned of course.

We're hearing of many people we know who have it now. It has become much more prevalent. But we are not hearing of them being in the hospital.

The election was last week and the media declared Biden the winner, but it's being protested by the Trump administration with many lawsuits, and recounts. People are very stressed by all that is going on. I can tell by the people in my Sunday School class. They want to talk and hash things over. People are anxious.

Of course there's speculation about how much the virus was used to defeat the president. Just today, Pfizer announced it's vaccine trials are show a possible 90% effectiveness. Had that been announced before the election would have made a difference?

November 10, 2020 - We heard yesterday of two friends (older than us) who have COVID. Both from church. So this gets a little scary now. We've evaluated is this serious or not (or at least prevelant or now) is by who do we know that actually has it. Up until the past two weeks, there was only one. Now there are several. This may not be the best way to evaluate, but it's what we have.

November 13, 2020 - Today on Glenn Beck's The Blaze: According to the CDC's "Influenza Surveillance Report," there have been just 227 lab-confirmed flu cases in the entire country for the first five weeks of the flu season from week 40 through week 44 (ending Oct. 31). While it's still very early in the season, at this point last year, there were already 2,851 confirmed positive cases. Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, tallied the five-year average through week 44 and found that the numbers are down roughly 90%.

The positivity rate is just 0.18%, compared to 2.68% last year. That means the positivity rate so far is down 93% from last year, even though the number of flu tests increased by 22%. So it's not like we've forgotten about testing for the flu.

The implication of this cannot be overstated. The problem with a new epidemic is that it strains the hospitals over and beyond the baseline level of visits they must contend with from other ailments. However, if the flu has essentially disappeared for this year, then COVID will be the only flu. Most of the pneumonias and other complications that result from the flu will not occur this year. Thus, when they count the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals and use that number as pretext for panic, fear, and control, they are not giving you the total net number of extra patients in the hospitals with respiratory viruses relative to other years.

And this:

A prominent Christian pastor tweeted the following this week: "Two seemingly contradictory currents mark our society 1. There is a denunciation of all claims of absolute truth 2. Yet there is also a fanaticism in which one position or group is absolutely right, nothing is ambiguous, and divergent views should be destroyed."

I feel ya, brother. But nothing contradictory is in fact going on at all. This is the logical destination of attempting to usurp the ultimate authority in all the universe. It is biblically defined double-mindedness perfected. "My truth" can't help but become "kneel before Zod."

As a consequence, the Beatitudes are indeed replaced with the Fanaticisms. They are ever-changing, non-eternal, entirely arbitrary power grabs that seek not to instill humility and healing but elevate lies to the level of ultimate justice.

One of the latest Fanaticisms is the wearing of masks. We are waaaaay past science on this one and firmly in the realm of voodoo now. However, it's a voodoo that only gets more obnoxiously mandatory the more it is proven to be a total fraud.

We've had an Ohio mask mandate in effect for at least 112 days. A Maryland mask mandate for at least 106 days. A New York mask mandate for at least 128 days. Yet all of their governors are currently threatening more shutdowns because of a new coronavirus "surge."

There is absolutely nowhere masks have been shown in real time to be effective at slowing Covid after months of trying. No state. No country. Nowhere. And the science published by the CDC itself even said that would be the case as a public health policy for respiratory infections before Covid came along. But now masks have been necromanced into relevance and false righteousness many times over. We've incredulously been told by the witch doctor atop the CDC they are better than a vaccine.

Well, they are a vaccine alright, but not really meant to kill the virus. They are meant to kill us. Our freedom. Our dignity. Our sense of reality itself. The more they don't actually work but we continue to agree to wear them, that becomes all the more clear. We are telling the universe that our fear is our greatest certainty and the flat earth is our greatest comfort.

No wonder a dementia patient may be on on the verge of becoming president. He is the mask personified. A twice-failed presidential candidate with a nearly 50-year-long track record in public ?service" of never making a damn thing better, so why don't we try him again but only harder this time! What could possibly go wrong?

It is failure incarnate. It is failure sacramentalized. It is failure fundamentalized. The Fanaticisms are taking on all the markings of a religion because that is their dark destiny. The increasingly preposterous will become more and more enviable and inevitable as our governing idols.

That should sound to you like the reverse of the miracle of creation, where impossible grace steps into the void and compels all that is good. If God created everything 'ex nihilo,' then the terrible math of the Fanaticisms must use and abuse everything to anoint absolutely nothing at all. The abyss is the destination.

It is the most pathetic grift of all time. And it is working. So sayeth the mask.

Indeed. Folks have been wearing masks at church, and this week, there was an explosion of folks with the virus. We have to conclude that masks really aren't working.

November 30, 2020 - The vaccine is supposed to be available in December. I saw an article today that they airlines are working on digital passports for COVID-19. The idea is that you need this to show that you've been tested, and/or that you've had the vaccine. Of course the test means little. You could get tested today and contract the virus 10 minutes later. It's really about the vaccine. But here's the problem. If you don't want the virus, you get the vaccine. Then you are protected, right? Why do I need to have the vaccine if you are protected? If the vaccine was like the flu vaccine, only 50% effective for a particular strain of flu, and there are several, then I can see where the vaccine really doesn't protect you all that well, and keeping sick people off of planes would be important. But in the case of COVID-19, the vaccine is puported to be 95% effective, so if you have the vaccine, you're protected. Who cares if infected people get on the plane?
If the airline implement this passport, I will not fly. I will likely get the vaccine, but I'm not going to enable their control schemes.

Secondly, a news article about a study done at John Hopkins University looking at US deaths comparing 2020 to other years, and we see no significant increase in deaths. We do see an increase due to COVID, but we see an equal decrease in deaths due to other causes, heart disease, etc. And what's perhaps even more significant, is that the article was taken down within a day. It was captured by the Internet archive site and I went there and grabbed a copy.

The newsletter that published it (a student newsletter) says that they retracted the article because it was being used to promote false information about COVID. And the CDC was quoted as saying that Briand (the researcher creating the report) only considered the percentage change and that there was an increase in death from COVID by 300k. Neither of which is true. Briand looked at the total number of deaths and showed that there was no effective increase in death year to year, and that the decrease in deaths by other causes equals the deaths attributed to COVID-19. We can easily conclude from this that the CDC is lying.

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