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King's Burial

April 26, 2018

A little different project this week. My daughter Laura's dog died. She wanted to burry him on our property and we were happy to do that for her.

Aaron built a box (a bit larger than was really needed, requiring a larger hole than would have been needed). Aaron and the boys got the hole started before I got home from work. It was about half done, when Aaron had to leave for soccer practice and I took over. The bottom half of the hole has several large rocks that had to be excavated. Two of them I was able to get loose and lift our by hand. One of them I couldn't completely lift, but was able to slide it up the side of the hole.

But then I ran into a really large one that took a lot of digging to get loose and was too big for me to lift. So I had to use chains and my come-along (hand winch) to drag it out of the hole. So that made this qualify as a "project." Digging a hole doesn't qualify, but when the chains and a winch are needed, it becomes a project.

Here's the rock on it's way out. This was before I got the board in place, and it was digging into the side of the hole. The plank seen in the next photo was used to help it slide up the bank.

Matthew pumped the winch while I guided the rock on the plank. We got 'er done!
It took three of us to carry the coffin. I would guess it weight 100lbs. But we got it done. The big rock at the end of the hole is still there. Not sure when we'll get that moved. Makes a headstone I guess.