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Riding for Jesus

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July 7 & 8, 2006, I got to ride my motorcycle into Ross Correctional Institute and Chilicothe CI with Bill Glass Ministries.

On Friday the 7th, eight of us rode from Columbus, OH down to Chilicothe and spent the day with our bikes inside Ross CI. The bikes are there to bring the inmates out to the yard and come and talk with us. There are other performers and speakers as well that bring them out. Once the presentations are over, then we talk with them, share a tract with them and invite them to receive Christ if they haven't already.
Here I'm talking with guys at Chilicothe CI. You can see the V-Star in the background. Talking with on of the residents at Chilicothe CI
Thanks to Ron Kidwell for his generosity in puchasing the pictures.

On Saturday, 12 of us rode from Columbus back down to Chilcothe and spent the day inside Chilicothe CI. The loud pipes of the bikes really bring them out. We had one Yamaha Road Star with incredibly loud pipes and that really to got their attention. We rode into the yard and the guy revved the Yamaha up and there was an inmate in every window, looking out us. When they opened the doors, there was a flood of inmates coming out to see us (there are about 4000 in Chilicothe).

It is an incredible blessing to hear the testimony of the speakers and some of the other workers. Its also a blessing to be about the ministry of Jesus with other believers.

One thing I did learn, is that I don't really enjoy riding in a big pack of cycles. We didn't have any trouble, it just complicates the riding and takes some of the fun out of it.

August 7th, I have completed my CMA (Christian Motorcycle Assoc.) Ministry Training and am now a full fledged member of CMA.

August 18. I participated in the Bill Glass Weekend of Champions in Youngstown, OH. I was assigned to ride up to Lake Erie Correctional Institute in Conneaut, OH, about an 80 mile ride.

We left at 5:30 AM. When we were near Conneaut, the road captain (leader of our group of motorcycles - 8 in all) crashed. He was only scratched up. His wife who was on the back, broker her collar bone. That was very upsetting.

It was then decided we'd follow the van (two vans of volunteers were also going to Lake Erie CI) so that we'd know the way. The van took off like he was going to a fire. We were had to ride fast to keep up. The we were strung out going through Conneaut, with the last two or three guys running several red lights to keep up. They eventually stopped doing that, and we had guys stop along the way to "mark the trail."

We finally made it to LE CI. I met some wonderful brothers in the Lord and spent an hour or so talking with a young fellow about receiving Christ. He didn't but said that I had given him some good things to think about and he promised me that he'd read the copy of the book of John that I gave him. (we were told that they were short on them and to only give them to "first time decision," but I thought this a better use).

On the ride home, again we followed the van. It wasn't much fun. Especially going through Youngstown on I680 at 5PM rush hour on Friday afternoon trying to keep up with the van.

The forecast for Saturday was 60% chance of rain, and I decided that it would be foolish for me to go to Conneaut and risk having to ride home in the rain (3 1/2 hours). So as soon as we got back to Boardman, I got my stuff and headed home. I wanted to get home before the rain started that evening if possible.

I praised God all the way home for protecting me that day and for the great time I had at LE CI. I was singing songs of praise. I was asking Him to hold the rain off until I got home (it was threatening rain all the way home). I told Him I wasn't sure what He thought about that, but I knew He had done it on my trip home from Detroit one time and so I was asking Him to do it again, that I really dreaded riding in the rain. He did hold the rain back for me. I thank Him so much for it. God is so good!

Even though I was concerned about it raining on the way home, I still really enjoyed the ride. Up until then, I was thinking about quitting the motorcycle stuff, but I really enjoyed the ride home.

October 20 & 21, 2006

I rode up to Akron on Friday afternoon (the 20th) for the Akron Day of Champions. It was 45F. It was cold but bearable. I wore my leather jacket, cycle pants, a sweater and long underwear. The worst part was my hands. My fingers got cold, but they can't get colder then the ambient temperature and 45F isn't unbearable. I stopped in Wooster for a bio break and to warm up as much as anything. In just a few minutes of not riding, I was warmed up and ready to go.

I stayed over night with my mom and dad. Dad called his neighbors to tell them I had arrived so they could come and look the bike like they'd never seen a motorcycle before - motorcycles do sometimes make a celebrity of the rider.

On Saturday morning I rode over to the hotel - 40F 10 minute ride. At the hotel I found out that they weren't going to let the bikes into any of the facilities. Bummer. I also found out that there were two guys there who rode from Maryland the day before, all day in the rain. Even bigger bummer that they couldn't take their bikes in. Needless to say, I admire anyone who can ride all day in a 45F rain.

The ride home wasn't too bad - 57F - although its wasn't what I'd call fun. I did see a number of other riders on the highway though, so some apparently think its fun.

One thing I decided on the way home; when riding in this 40-50F cold, in about three or four minutes at 60 mph, you are as cold as you're going to get. You simply get chilled down much more quickly then you do if you were just standing around, but you don't necessarily get any more cold if you're dressed adequately.

I'm also thinking that God is trying to teach me something through this prison ministry business. It seems to be more frustrating each time I go. I'm not yet sure what, but I think he's telling me something.

Some Great Freinds I've Made

One guy I've met is Steve Wright. He's just gotten a new paint job on his bike and you've just got to see it.

July 27 & 28, 2007 - Cleveland Weekend of Champions
October 2007 - Mohican Juvenile