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October 27 Survey

I took a 45 minute walk through Gorman. I thought there was one log down on the blue trail. I found four points to clear.

Here's what I saw on the trail to be cleared.

1.66 miles covered. Two trees across the trail. One branch encroaching the trail. I'll get them soon!

October 28, 2021

Got two items cut today. Here's the big one.

I learned that the saw doesn't work very well on small branches. I had two that were about 2 inches. They were rather challenging because of the tough spacing on the saw. They would have been much easier with the carpenters saw.

I thought that cutting making this widow maker cut staggered would be a good idea. Well, it takes more cutting than if I had lined up the top and bottom cuts. And cutting from the bottom is difficult as I had expected. Not impossible, but challenging. Next time I will line the top and bottom cuts up carefully, and save the work!