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November 3, 2021 - Cutting

Here are the two saw I took along. I had sharpened both of them in the prior few days. More details here.
The tree saw made quick work of the limb I had to cut.

I tried both of these saws on a big log that's across the trail. Neither of them is going to get the job done. Not even close. It's definitely a job for my three foot long log saw.

November 4, 2021

I took the log saw to Gorman to have a crack at the tree that's across the trail. I got a good start on the log, but the saw binds as I get deeper into the wood. I think it still needs a litte more set. But an even bigger issue is that it hangs about half way through the length of the saw. The first half cuts pretty good, but then it snags about half way through the stroke. I think the raker in the middle of the saw is too long. So I need to work on that.

November 5, 2021

I sharpened the big saw this morning and cut down a couple of rakers. Headed back over to Gorman this afternoon and the saw was cutting much better.

The issue now is I'm almost all the way through the log in one spot, but I can't cut all the way to the bottom. I think it would break if I could raise the end or move it, but it's big and stuck in the mud too.

So the plan now is to take my cumalong over and move the end of the log with that, which should break it off, Then I can manuver the piece that left and cut it off, hopefully. You can see in the photo below, I've got three cuts going on. The one at the tip of the saw is nearly through.

November 14, 2021

It turned out that I didn't do any more cutting on this log. I saw Larry Smith in the woods on Wednesday and told him I was working on this large log. He said that he needed to cut a log like that into stools for a meeting that was coming up. He went with me to look at the log, decided it would do the trick and asked me to bring my chainsaw and help him cut it up. On Friday the 12th I we did that. The ProMac 605 was cutting good, but I heard a rattling toward the end of the work. It sounded all too much like the recent problem I had when I broke the flywheel. The rest of the story is here.