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My Diston Crosscut Hand Saw

October 15, 2021

Here's the Disston cross cut hand saw I've been using to cut the wood at Gorman. It's a family heirloom. You can see on the handle, C.A. Wasser 1895, and C.C.B. C.A. Wasser is Charles Anglemeyer Wasser who was born in 1822. C.C.B. is Charles Cary Boyd, who was born in 1876. C.A. Wasser was Cary Boyd's grandfather. Cary Boyd is my great uncle. C.A. Wasser was my great, great grandfather.
If C.A. Wasser bought the saw in 1895, he would have been 73 years old. I suspect he bought it before then.
Here are more details on the saws Uncle Cary had.