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December 12, 2021 - Survey & Clear after a big wind

We had a big wind yesterday. I figured I had work to do at Gorman, so I recruited Christian to go with me and see what we found.

Christian took a short hand on the saw, but for the most part left the sawing to grandpa.
I had two to cut here. Notice the saw in the second piece being cut.
We cleared five spots on the trail. Three of them required cutting.

December 13, 2021

I walked some more trails today and cleared four more spots on the trail, making five cuts with my saw (I sharpened it last night). But I found two spots that I didn't work on. The first is a widow maker that stands on the trail, but I think it's a trail that isn't supposed to be supported. The second place has a big tree with three big trunks across the trail. I think it will take six cuts through about 12-14 inch logs. And it's pretty far back on the yellow loop.

Here's the widow maker. The trail crosses the creek, but there is no bridge, so I'm not sure this is really a trail. Maybe we're better off not clearing it.

Here is the big tree across the trail (it's really a four wheeler road at this location). Three big trunks need to be cut on both sides of the trail.

December 15, 2021

I wanted to have a crack at the big logs on the trail. I added a little bit more set on the big crosscut saw, tried it out yesterday and it seemed to be working great.
When I got to Gorman, I saw Larry and Jordan, and checked with them about these logs. We decided to leave them on trail to block the four wheelers, but maybe cut a path at the end of the logs, off the trail that would allow foot traffic but block four wheelers on the path.

I decided to cut the one log that you would have to climb over so that once it was on the ground you can step over all three logs.

It took about 30 minutes to cut. The big crosscut saw did not work as well as I hoped. I think I have the rakers set too deep. The saw grabs.

The little pruning saw, which I'm glad I brought along (it's easy to carry), saved the day. I did 90% of the cutting with that. It easily did the job. I'm just tickled with that saw as much as I'm disappointed with the big crosscut saw.