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Boating in 2021

We got out two days at Lakeside. Tubing only with Carter & Austin, and Alex and Matty.

199.8. End of 2020 was 197.5 so only 2.3 hours of actual operation on Sandusky Bay.

August 7, 2021

Pleasant Hill Reservoir. We were only out for about an hour and half. The fuel tank is down to about 3/8 now.
Naomi just got off the tube. Her first time making the trip. She was quite happy with herself.
Carter and Justis mounting up for another ride.
200.9 hours after our trip to Pleasant Hill, so we were operaiontal there just 1.1 hours.

August 21

Another short tubing excursion with Carter and some of his friends. I needed fuel and want to get some read on the size of the tank, so I took photos of the gas guage before and after:

This was a purchase of exactly 10 gallons. So it must be something close to a
20 gallon tank.

September 27, 2021

A week ago, I loaned the boat to Alex. He's keeping it down in Oxford, Ohio near a lake near where he lives. He had the first trip out on the water this evening. I remember the first time I took my little kids out on our boat for the first time. It was fun for everyone.

Mattie & Titus. Look at the smiles!

Sort of a smile

So we're getting even more fun out of the boat this year.