More wiring and some computer networking work

I worked on some wiring today – well really finishing up the same wiring I started yesterday.  This was just to add a switch to an existing light circuit.  Things move pretty slow here – looking for tools, scrounging for materials… it all takes time.

I also worked with Joel on some of the networking issues.  The Internet access is very slow here which is a real shame because there is so much that can be done educationally with the Internet.  Everyone agrees we need to do something.  Its just a matter of figuring out the best and most cost effective way to go about it.

I am struck with the impact of the Internet.  Here I am in a third world village and we have wireless Internet access (albeit very slow access).  If these children grow up and haven’t used the Internet, and prospective employer will ask them what rock they crawled out from under.

Here’s another photo of some of the wiring.  This is fairly recent work done by professionals I think.

Another example of local wiring


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