Getting some things done

This morning Paul wanted me to work on the “apartment” that the Clays will be staying in when they arrive tomorrow.  He had me install a window into an opening that had been a door and was recently blocked up to the size of the window.. at least the height was close.  The width was too wide to I had to cut some wood to make the window fit.  Then I had to reinstall the glass louvers.

After lunch I started working on some wiring.  The wiring around here is scary.  I was very careful not to work anything hot.  But I did have to check things out with the volt-ohm meter because the wire coloring means nothing here. You can’t trust the colors to have any significance. And you’ll see in the photos, there are lots of blue wires. It turns out in my case that the phase and neutral were both blue so the only way to check things is to test them while hot.

But I got through this mess and figured out what we needed to do to add a switch to the light circuit.







The photos were taken with my new cell phone.  Still trying to figure out how to get decent pics with it.  These aren’t very good.


I’ve been doing some investigation on the computer network here.  That was the primary reason for me coming (along with being moral support for Connie).   I’m getting a little bit documented.  Found that the wireless access point that isn’t working is missing entirely (that will cause a problem for sure).

I neglected to get a tetanus shot before I came.  Pray that I won’t get cut and get an infection please.


  1. I wrote one and it completely disappeared:oops: We are glad that you had a safe trip and a smooth one. We shall pray that no scratch shall be-skin you. Would it be possible for Connie to photo my girls that I sponsor, especially Katia Perez. We have sponsored her for a number of years, since she was in early grades. I do not know much about our new girl.

    Looking forward for some info on the water project. May the Lord guide you in asking questions and in discerning the follow through factors with which we have interest.

    Blessings to you both.
    John and Bette