Looking back

Some reflections on my trip to the DR.

First of all, what did I miss the most?

  • Being able to drink water from the faucet, that is not dragging around a water bottle in order to have clean water to drink.
  • A fast Internet connection.  Interestingly, I’m not satisfied with just having access to the Internet, it has to be a fast connection.  Very spoiled.

Secondly, I’m very proud of my wife.  The people in the DR just love her.  She works hard at what she is doing there, and she has worked very hard to learn some Spanish. She has also been blogging – her blog will provide a view of Juan Tomas from a different and more important perspective.  See http://partnersnchrist.org/blogs/berean_2012.html



  1. You have a wonderful life partner, Mark. She does compliment you! Thanks for what you both did in DR!