More Internet access

I spent the day pulling a cable from the old computer room in the elementary building and into the library. I realize that means pretty much nothing to anyone who’s never been here (and maybe close to nothing for many who have been here). Basically it was hot hard work, but I was rewarded in that the wire connected to the switch and I could reach the Internet from the library. That means we can hook up three PCs in the library and put a wireless access point there and provide wireless Internet to the teachers’ apartments. We really thought we’d get one or the other and today we got both.

Unfortunately, the key to the hight school was locked away where no one could get it so I couldn’t get the equipment I needed to complete the job.  It will take about 30 minutes to wrap it all up once the equipment is available, but it looks like that will be done by someone else (Joel most likely) after I’m gone.  Our flight leaves at 7AM tomorrow.  So I’m somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t see this completed, but I got so much more done than I really expected to I’m really pretty thrilled.

I thank God for his help this week.  Things went better than I had imagined.

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