Sunday in Juan Tomas

We went to church today.  It was so encouraging to see so many (at least 30) at church and most of them young people.  The service was really like our Sunday school, just teaching by Paul.  When lively discussion broke out between these school teachers and administrators I was thrilled.  I didn’t know what they were saying by I knew they were passionately discussing God’s word and their beloved savior.

After church I had took some time to meet with Joel about how we could extend the network.  We agreed on a plan that will provide Internet access to the library and the teachers’ apartments.  If we are able to pull this off tomorrow, we will have far exceeded my expectations.  I’m thanking God to have the help of and support of Joel  He is a tremendous blessing to this community.

Thank you God for allowing me to be involved with your people in your work!


  1. Sounds like things are going well, thank the Lord! I was looking at the wires coming throught he pipes an wondered if throught time the wear and tear of weather might cause those wires to lose their insulation. Should they be wrapped at the place where they might rub?

    Thanks agian for the updates.