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A different kind of trip

The last time I was in Juan Tomas, (1999 I think), I spent the week cutting, painting and welding steel for the new goat barn (I’m anxious to see that ol’ barn now).  This time I will be working with the local people much more.  I’m probably better at working with steel than people, and I’m not great with steel.  So this new aspect is a little scary but I’m looking forward to it all the same.  I know the people are very nice and gracious and we’re all working for the same thing (or I should say working for the same God).

Please pray that I will show the love of Christ and not be my typical crusty self.


And even more changes

I heard from Roger on Thursday, and he has decided that he can go. Hurrah!  See previous post for background on this.

The sponsors of the water project (a project to provide clean water for the village of Juan Tomas) of which I am one, met last evening and reviewed the proposal for the work that is to be done.  We have some questions about it and I was elected to meet with officials from Esperanza who is doing the work, to clarify things.  So that’s another to-do on my list.

Today I decided I do not want to take may regular laptop (really the disk drive) because it contains so much vital and confidential information that I really don’t want to risk loosing it.  So I’m modifying an existing Linux disk I have that will provide e-mail (both personal and IBM) and I’ll take that machine.  So this is some added work for this weekend and I really hope I don’t get down there and find that I’ve missed copying something over to this new drive/machine that I need.


Changes already

Roger Clay called me this weekend and told me he and Virginia could not go to the DR.  I’ll surely miss having them there.  I was really looking forward to working with Roger.

Not only that, but now there will be double to work to do.  Bathroom remodeling by day, and computer work by night.

Or maybe something completely different will be going on.  Be flexible!




I’m not big on setting goals even though I understand the importance of them, but I do from time to time have a list of things I want to accomplish (I guess that is setting goals, huh?).

The last time I went to the DR, my desire to accomplish a list of things caused real consternation.  Things don’t always move as quickly or as expediently in the DR as they do here in the States.  By about mid-week, I had a real God encounter when God impressed on me that I went to the DR with a list of things I  wanted to accomplish rather than just going to be a servant of the Most High God and doing what He wanted to accomplish.  Once God got that through my head, it was a much better experience.

So on this trip, I’m resisting setting goals, or making a to-do list.  The only goal I’ve set is to come away with some decent documentation on the computer system that is in place there.  That seems like a pretty modest goal, but I have to say that setting even that modest objective makes me nervous.  I hope I can go with the attitude that I will be a servant of the Most High God, and do whatever it is He calls me to do.

Prayer request:  That I will have a serving attitude.

Where in the world is Juan Tomas?

In case you’re wondering where is Juan Tomas? Its here:

Google Maps – Juan Tomas

This map is really great as it has links to photos all around the compound where we’ll be. As I talk about things in the blog, you can come back to this map and understand visually what I’m describing.

Prayer Request:  Please pray for us as we live there day to day, that we will be examples of Christ.

Doing the best for God

I received an e-mail from a man in Italy today who had found some information on my Web site that was useful to him.  This actually happens more and more frequently.  I already realized I have the opportunity to spread the gospel via my Web site and I do have some material intended to spread the gospel.  I have my testimony and several different pages intended to open people’s eyes to the gospel but none of them are particularly well done.  I can do much better. God deserves and the people who might read the pages deserve the very best.  Its the most important topic in all of life.  I must be much more intentional about this and do a much better job. Its the most important work I could do.

Please help me do this.

First of all please pray that God will keep me motivated, energized and inspired.

Secondly review what I have and send me criticism and ideas.   See Dog Heaven & Two most important questions