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Doing the best for God

I received an e-mail from a man in Italy today who had found some information on my Web site that was useful to him.  This actually happens more and more frequently.  I already realized I have the opportunity to spread the gospel via my Web site and I do have some material intended to spread the gospel.  I have my testimony and several different pages intended to open people’s eyes to the gospel but none of them are particularly well done.  I can do much better. God deserves and the people who might read the pages deserve the very best.  Its the most important topic in all of life.  I must be much more intentional about this and do a much better job. Its the most important work I could do.

Please help me do this.

First of all please pray that God will keep me motivated, energized and inspired.

Secondly review what I have and send me criticism and ideas.   See Dog Heaven & Two most important questions