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V-Star 1100 Carb Vent

The V-Star 1100 Carbs have a manifold between them for their bowl vents. If one of the float valves stick, fuel will squirt from this vent. This vent is closer to the right float bowl, but it serves both carbs, so regardless of which float valve is stuck open, fuel will squirt from this vent.

You also see here the fuel heater terminal. On the left carb on my bike, the terminal for the fuel heater partly covered the float bowl (you can see the float boat screw hole right next to the terminal - screw is removed). In order to get the float bowl off the carb, I had to loosen this terminal screw and swing it out of the way. That sounds simple, but the nut is so close to other parts of the carb, that it was very difficult to get a wrench on it (a socket wouldn't go on it).