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2000 Yamaha V-Star

In December 2005, I bought a Yamaha V-Star 1100.
See the DGHVN license plate? I got that so that people would ask me what its about. See Dog Heaven for the answer.

I envisioned riding it all summer, even when I take trips for work. I did ride it for work and put about 4000 miles on it in 2006. Not a lot of miles, but it didn't just sit in the garage either.

I'm working on an article regarding my views on Managing the Risk of Death and Injury that goes along with riding a motorcycle.

Below is actually the first picture I took of it. When I went out to ride it yesterday (Mar 29, 2006), it dripped (actually streamed) gas. A long story made short, it was the float valve in the left carb. Cleaned it up and we're ready to ride. See details about the carbs here.

To see the motorcycle project I've been working on see 1973 BMW R75/5