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Some of My Vehicles

I bought this new John Deere in September, 2005. Its really nice.

In December, 2005 I bought a Yamaha 1100 V-Star (2000). I got the 1973 BMW to work on at the same time - literally within a week of each other.
In about 1995, Cadillac invited me to an event at Northfield Park in Cleveland to test drive their new models on a closed course in the parking lot. I was very impressed and ever since have wanted to own a Cadillac. Finally in January of 2005, I bought a 2003 CTS.
In 1998, I bought the Buick Regal GS which I dubbed a poor man's Cadillac STS.
When Connie decided we needed to get rid of the 1990 Chevy van and get a Durango, I soon after decided I needed a pick up truck because you can't hual much of anything in a Durango. I bought the 2000 Ford F250 in 2003.

My father has a difficult time remembering all of the cars he's owned in the correct sequence. In fact, I do too, so I've created a list with the entire run down.

My new ride as of April 15, 2015 - Ford Focus ST