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Replacement of the intake manifold on the 1990 G20 Chevy van

We had a 1990 G20 conversion van for vacations and pulling the boat. The intake manifold started leaking (it took a little while to figure out where the antifreeze was actually leaking because it was right next to the the heater hose fitting on the manifold and I thought that was the culprit for a while.

Removing the intake manifold off a V8 in a van, is a project. Working through the interior of the van and the small opening in the front for the engine. The picture below show the engine through the hood opening, but its really hard to apprecaite unless you've actually had to work one of these.

While I had the carburetor off, the sun was shining in on the back of the van one day which warmed the fuel tank up and presurized it enough to push fuel out the fuel line, which was just disconnected from the carb.
Connie calls me and says she smells gas in the garage. I rush home and find a stream of gas coming out of the fuel line, running down the engine onto the garage floor and going down the floor drain. Lucky we didn't burn the house down!

Here's the intake manifold, out on the garage floor.