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Repairing the CTS Variable Effort Steering (VES) Solenoid

The Symptom: You get a message on the computer display that says, "Service steering system" or some such thing.
The Problem: More than likely, the VES Solenoid has failed.
There's a tech note on it. See here (pdf).
Mine showed to be an open circuit with the ohm meter.
The first thing is jack the car up, and remove the left wheel. This gives you access to the solenoid, well sort of.
Here's the VES solenoid after it was cleaned up. I used Fantastick, a little nylon brush, and scrubbed it up. Then hosed it with water. Then wiped it dry with paper towels. Then used a rag with some isopropyl alchohol on it to finish the cleaning after I broke the threads loose.
Here are the new parts. It comes with a chincy stamped out sheetmetal "wrench". You might as well throw that in the trash from the beginning.

Wow! What a difference getting this fixed made. Now, just sitting in the garage there is no (almost zero) steering resistance. I'm not sure this was ever working since I've owned the car.