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95 Jeep Cherokee - Rear Window Mod

Feb. 23, 2011
When you put a pole vault pole into a Cherokee and close the rear door without noticing that the pole is too long, the result is a broken rear window. If its 6PM in the evening and you have an hour drive home that evening, something has to be done.

So the quick fix is to take out what's left of the glass and the window gasket, cut a piece of 1/4 inch plywood to fit, and caulk and screw it in place. Voila!

Of course cutting the plywood the right size is easier said than done. We started by cutting newspaper over top of what was left of the glass, then cut a piece of cardboard to see how it fits. Trim the cardboard to get a close fit, then use that as a template for the plywood. Even with all of this, the plywood has to be trimmed with a belt sander. So this takes a couple of hours or so to get the whole thing done.