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Dad Restores a Cast Iron and "Oak" Bench

July 2011

Over the past several months Dad has been working on restoring a cast iron and oak bench (another street side colleciton). The iron had to be taken down to bare metal and the wood had to be completely replaced. New oak wood from Lowes was going to cost somewhere around $60 so I suggested that he use some of the white ash I have stacked up in my garage. He liked the idea.

I also suggested that he use Schooner Gold varnish that I had left over from refinishing wood on Testimony (my sailboat). This varnish is supposed to have high UV resistance. Standard polyurethane varnish is not all that UV resistant. Since the bench is intended for outside use, UV resistance seems important.

He even polished up and reinstalled the little brass badge on the seat back that claims "Authentic Oak," even though now it is authentic white ash.

Today, July 17, I helped him move it up from his basement workshop onto his front porch. It looks great!