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My New Generator

In 2002, my dad called me and said there was a Lincoln Weldanpower 150 generator for sale in the paper.  He said they wanted $400 and wanted to know if I wanted to come and look at it.  I told him I wanted him to go look at it and buy it if he thought it was OK.  He did just that.

Before I could get up to Akron to look at it (and reimburse him), he had it all checked out and offered to recondition it. It appeared to mostly just need a paint job.  I took him up on the offer and he went to work.  Below is the finished product.  (I really regret that I don't have a "before" picture.

This generator is rated at 4000 KW.  It has a 230 V outlet and a 115 V outlet.  It has welding amperages of 50 to 150 AMPs.
He performed the following repair actions:
  • Cleaned and painted the entire machine.
  • Rebuilt the welding selector switch.
  • Shortened the frame.
  • Lubricated the generator bearing (required removal of the fan.
  • Made new throtle linkage.
  • Replaced the carburetor float bowl gasket.
  • Straightened out the gas tank opening and cap.
  • Improved the welding terminals with brass nuts and washers.
  • Adjusted the carburetor float.
  • Replaced one of the capacitors.
  • Set the speed to be exactly 3600 RPM under load.
  • Probably much more that I'm not even aware of.

He even made wooden packing blocks for hauling it on his trailer.

Obviously, I'm pretty lucky to have a dad who first of all can do this, and secondly is willing to do this.  He's a super dad!

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