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How I Came To Accept Christ As My Personal Lord & Savior

I grew up in a Methodist church and heard all the Bible stories and heard about Jesus, but didn't really have an understanding about believing in Him, or trusting in Him for the resolution of my sins. When I was 16, my cousin Marla Starner invited me to a youth group meeting with a youth group from her school. There I talked with the leader and heard for the first time, that I must believe in Christ in order to have a relationship with Him.

After that, I held what I thought was an intellectual position - that an intellectual or person of science wouldn't just believe in something without proof. I thought that it would be simple minded to just believe in Christ.

I held that position until sometime in 1985, when Connie started going to church and taking our then infant son John. I knew that she wouldn't be going to church if it didn't have some real meaning for her, so I started going to investigate.

My Sunday School teacher, Tony Hancock, was an engineering manager at IBM (I worked as an engineer at IBM at the time) and he had a Phd. in chemistry and taught chemistry at the University of Kentucky. The only bad grade I had gotten in college (a "D" ) was in organic chemistry, and I was glad to get a D. I can remember sitting down to take the final exam, looking at the questions on the exam and thinking that I might have gotten in the wrong room - there were very few questions that I thought I knew the answer to. I literally looked around the room to see if there were other people I recognized from class to make sure I was in the right room.

So when I met Tony, a manager at IBM, a professor of Chemistry, and he ran a small business as a sideline, and he is my Sunday School teacher, I knew then that an intellectual could just believe in Jesus.

After a few month's of attending church and Tony's Sunday School class, I was laying in bed one night and I prayed to God, "God, I don't know what these people have, but I want it. There is clearly something meaningful in their lives that I don't have." Later that week, Tony came by to talk with me and he asked me if I wanted to accept Christ as my personal savior. I told him that I already had prayed to God, asking him to come into my life. That Sunday, I couldn't wait for the alter call to go forward and have everyone know that I wanted Christ in my life.

Christ has changed my life dramatically. While I am certainly not perfect, I am better and I have that eternal joy and peace that Christ promises those who follow Him.