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Columbus, Delaware & Marion Railroad (Electric Co.)

I grew up just a few hundred yards from the CD&M right of way that runs along Route 4 in southern Marion, Co. My grandfather was born and raised just a few miles futher South, just across the Scioto River and a few hundred yards South of the electric generation plant that was built to power the CD&M interurban rail line. So these ties have created my interest in this line.
I can also vaguely remember tracks in some streets in downtown Marion. I beleive these were for the CD&M.

Here's what I know:

The Columbus, Delaware and Marion made its first trip from Delaware to Columbus on Jan. 24, 1902. In August, 1902, the Columbus street railway was extended out of Worthington, Ohio to become a part of the Columbus, Delaware and Marion.

The Columbus, Delaware and Marion Railway Company was incorportated October 24, 1904 with $2,500,000 in capital stock.

From another source, The Columbus, Delaware, & Marion Traction Company (CD&M), began operations in 1905.

The company was sued and found negligent in 1932 in a case where a 6 year old boy touched a live electrical element in an unprotrected area owned by the company and was injured. The line was abandoned in 1933.

The electricl generation plant eventually became owned by the Marion Reserve Power Co. and later Ohio Edison.