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2005 Vegas & CA
--- Yosemite
--- Owen's Valley
--- Sequoia National Forest
--- Hoover Dam

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Yosemite National Park

We drove into Yosemite via the West entrance which is quite scenic. Much of the year, it is not possible to drive all the way through the park because of snow. And in fact at one point along our drive there was still plenty of snow.
Alex took this picture. Its driving into Yosimite National Park from the West Entrance.

We visited Glacier Point, which had magnifcent scenery. It was the location of the Glacier Point Hotel that burned down in 1969. There was something about the little bit of history I've been able to learn about this hotel, that makes me feel that it burned down under myserious circumstances. It was an old structure at one of the most scenic locations in the park. There was controversy about what to do with the hotel as early as 1930. Perhaps some zealous environmentalist made the decision in December, 1969 - maybe my imagination is running overtime. The view from Glacier Point is fantastic as seen below.