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2005 Vegas & CA
--- Yosemite
--- Owen's Valley
--- Sequoia National Forest
--- Hoover Dam

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Owen's Valley

Driving up the Owens Valley - lots of miles like this.
After driving through Death Valley, we stayed overnight in Lone Pine, CA. We had no idea that what we would see there would be so impressive. When we arrived in Lone Pine, we checked into the hotel and went into town to get something to eat. There aren't a lot of choices in Lone Pine. We ate a pizza joint - the food was decent and it was a busy place. Once dinner was over, we walked around town killing time.

We eventually went back to the hotel, and we decided to drive up to the Mt. Whitney Portal, and see what that was.

and visited the Alabama Hills and the Mt. Witney Portal.

The Alabama Hills are the sandstone foothills of the Siera Nevada mountain chain. The are very scenic and the location where many TV shows and movies were filmed.

The hotel we stayed in in Lone Pine had many photos on the walls of the movies and TV shows that were filmed there. It was very interesting.