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2001 Marietta
--- Day 1 in Marietta
--- Overnight in Marietta
--- Day 2 in Marietta

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Room and Board

We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel in downtown Marietta. Its right on the river. We had a second
story room with a balcony over the main street. Pretty neat.

We ate dinner in the Gun Room. I thought it was going to be something fancy, but it wasn't. We were the only people there dressed up. The food was very good, and I guess that's what counts.
After dinner we walked around the town. They were having their Tomato Festival, although it wasn't much of a festival. It mostly meant the stores downtown were open until 9PM!

We walked out of the back door of the hotel and here's what we saw.

After we walked around downtown, we walked along the river and saw more tow boats. It was very scenic.