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Florida in March 2003

We went to Sunnyside Florida (near Fort Walton Beach) in March, 2003 for Spring break.
Connie and the kids enjoy going to the beach. I don't care about the beach so I worked in the hotel room all week on my certification package for IBM (yes I did get my IBM professional certification for what that's worth).
Laura & her "bud" Andi Kell, in the hotel.

The beach at sunset

Alex clowing in the sand. We met the Galats in Panama City and handed Alex off to them. They were living in Mexico Beach at the time. He stayed with them a few days.

Connie catching some rays.

One of the days we went to the Air Armament Museum at Eglin AFB. Nice little museum focused on the development of air arms. The photo above caught my attention as I know one of the guy who was in the band, Ohio Express. My guess is the plane was named after the band. Here's the description of the plane: "Republic F-105D-1-RE, 58-1155, marked as F-105D-6-RE, 59-1771, "JV" tailcode, "Foley's Folly" on port fuselage, "Ohio Express" on starboard fuselage, as flown by Capt. Peter Foley, 469th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Korat RTAFB, third pilot to survive 200 missions over North Vietnam."
We drove the Durango down there. This is one of the few photos of that vehichle that I have.