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2005 Vegas & CA
--- Yosemite
--- Owen's Valley
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--- Hoover Dam

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Hoover Dam

We got back to the Las Vegas area on Saturday (actually Henderson, NV). Connie & I went to church on Sunday AM, went back to the hotel and went out to eat with Alex. After lunch we drove to the Hoover Dam and enjoyed visiting there. Its of course a spectacular site.

Part of the tour takes you down to the generator room. The last generator was just put in place in 1970 or so. Fairly recently considering that the dam was completed in the thirties.

The last day of our visit, we drove up the the Valley of Fire state park. The picture below is of Alex up on some big rock hill. He climbed up the face of it, from where the picture was taken to where he is.

On the way back from the park, we drove by Nellis Air Force base and saw some cool planes going by us.