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Mark & Connie go to France - 1998

IBM sent me to a class on the 3745 in La Gaude, France in July of 1998. Connie went along, and we travel around Paris and drove to Vence, France with Jerry Cline & his wife.
We stayed in a hotel in Vence and several of us drove back and forth to La Gaude each day for the class. Jerry and I had a little bigger car and it was air conditioned. It was the only one in the gang that was air conditioned.

The hotel wasn't air conditioned, but we didn't really miss it. There were absolutely no bugs around and so you could leave the windows open all the time if you wanted to.


Saturday 7/4 & Sunday
Columbus to Cincinnati - Delta 1910, 5:20 - 6:09
Cincinnati to Paris De Gaulle, Delta 44, 6:50P - 8:50A

Car Rental - Hertz, picked up at airport

Hotel Mercure in Marne La Valee (east of Paris)
Phone 01-45924747
Fax 01-45924710

Drive to Vence (North East of Nice)

Hotel - le Floréal Hotel
440 av Rhin et Danube
Tel: (33) 493 58 64 40; Fax: (33) 493 58 79 69

Tuesday - Friday
Attend Class - continue stay at Le Floreal in Vence

Saturday, 7/11

Nice, France to New York JFK, Detlta 83, 12:05P - 2:50P

New York to Cincincy, Delta 1870 5:25P - 7:42P,

Cincincy to Columbus, Delta 3055, 8:22P - 9:08P

Arrive home 10:40P hopefully.

Instruction left for my parents

(Just found this "laying around" on my PC and found it interesting.)

Methods of Contact other than hotel.
Note - Paris and Nice are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight.

We will call you on Sunday whenever we are able to get into the hotel.
We will call you on Monday when we are able to get into the hotel in Vence.

If this will be at a night hour for you, I will leave a message on my anwering machine in my office.

Leave a phonemail message at 614-225-3898. I will try to check phone mail daily. Will be able to do that maybe twice a day Tuesday through Fridy while at the LaGaude plant.

During the day Tuesday through Friday, (2AM to 11AM your time) contact my manager and have him track me down at the LaGaude Plant.
Todd Heiman in Southfield, MI. 248-552-5790

To be home every night by 10PM except Friday, which may be extended to 11PM.
John, please remember that you have driver's ed. class all week and you should go to bed by 11PM.
No overnights with anybody, either you staying there or them staying here.
Please try to limit your riding around with other guys.

No over nights - someone staying here or you staying somewhere else.
In bed by 10PM every night.

Both of you, don't forget to practice violin. Grandma and Grandpa won't require you to do it, but they might remind you if you haven't done it.

Following were postscript notes I made, I think:

Old Nice: Nissa Soca (casual),
Cannes: Gray d'Albion (Suit req,d)
LaGaude: La Guinguette Gaudoise (casual)