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Lakeside, OH, 2009

Each Labor Day weekend from 1989 to 1994, our family (my family and my two sisters' families and my mom and dad) went to Lakeside for the Labor Day weekend. My mom paid for the houses and the rest of us took care of the food.

Its been over ten years since we did this weekend thing. There were lots of memories and some new adventure too.

This Labor Day, we sort of had a reunion. Cheryl & Randy, Mark & Shelly, Connie, & I, Alex, Laura, Aaron, Matthew, Carter, and my dad went to Lakeside for the weekend. For most of us it was reminiscent, and for Aaron and Matthew and Carter, it was a new experience. I'm sure Matthew had a great time. It is an ideal place for kids. He took off on his bicycle on Sunday AM and couldn't find his way back. Some old guy on a bicycle helped him find his way. We knew he was missing but no-one got too excited because its such a safe place. What a great place where you can have the adventure of getting lost on your bicycle as a six year old!

I had a great adventure too. Shelly took me out on a Sunfish sailboat. I got my first crack as sailing!. That was great. I really appreciate Shelly being willing to take her old uncle out (actually she acted like she wanted to do it!)

The bad thing about this weekend vacation is all the work that goes into it. You have to take all of your food, and towels and sheets, etc. You have to cook the food (unless you go out for meals which could get pretty expensive)

The other down side of the weekend is that I could have used the time & beautiful weather to work on learning to sail my own boat. But I'll get that done one of these days.