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Rosemary Beach, FL
May 26-30, 2019


We're staying at the same place as John & Liz & the boys. They like to spend everyday right there at the beach. I'm bored with the beach in an hour, so we'll see how this goes.

I hope to make a trip over to Mexico Beach and Wewahitchka, where I served with Samartian's Purse last year, helping after Hurricane Florence. I hope John & Co. will also go over there so that they can see what a hurricane can do.


We drove the first day (Sunday) to just south of Nashville the first day and stayed overnight. John and Liz were driving at the same time and they stayed over in the same vicinity the next morning they left within a few minutes of us, by coincidence and so we stopped for lunch together.

Monday we arrived in Rosemary Beach within 10 minutes of each other, got settled in and then went to dinner at Bayou Bills (or something like that).

Tuesday we had breakfast at the Donut Hole, and then hit the beach at about 10 AM and stayed until 2. Grandma & Grandpa drover to Mexico Beach in the PM while the kiddies took their nap. Dinner was at the pizza place.. Then the kids went swimming in the evening before going to bed.

Wednesday we had breakfast at the Waffle House and then hit the beach about 11 AM. Then in the PM the kids and Liz and Grandma hit the pool while Grandpa did some work back at the room (IBM and CEF). Dinner was at the Olive Oil (or Olive something). After dinner Austin & Nicky watched a three person rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk on the green. They seemed mesmerized.

Thursday AM, we had breakfast at the Donut Hole and then rented Kayaks on Phillips Inlet. Grandma and Grandpa turned over the Kayak while pushing off, so the they were soaked for the whole ride. It actually made it a little cooler so noone was complaining. And we had our clothers in the car, ready to head home so we changed as soon as we got off the water.

And now the photos from the vacation:
First day on the beach. Having fun, wish you were here. I texted this to Brad and he said it was fake because I would never sit on the beach long enough to have a photo taken. I told him I was tied down.
Austin & Nicky on the beach
Sign at the kayak rental dock. The guy said they hadn't seen any gators around there in year. They don't like the brackish water.

John had me take this so that he could send it to Liz, I blieve.
We drove over to Mexico Beach, where Hurricane Florence came ashore in Oct, 2018 and I worked one day with Samaritan's Purse. This is the Methodist church I worked at, cleaning it out including piling up the pews in the courtyard.
This is the photo I took the day we worked on the church in December, 2018. You can see it's gotten a new roof and some new doors, but the pews are now uncovered and still in the courtyard. Not good.