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Glacier Vacation
Thursday - Day 2

Thursday, August 22nd

Took the Red Bus tour from Going to the Sun Motor Lodge up to Logan Pass and back. We saw a black bear and her cub crossing the road on the trip. Learning about the buses was interesting. Made by White Motor in 1936-1938 for the national parks. Glacier still has 33 of the original 35 in operation (they were rebuilt mechanically by Ford in the 1990s).

We did see a black bear and her cub crossing the road while we were on the bus. It was a good distance ahead of us and was long gone by the time we got to that spot on the road. It was the only wild life we saw while on the bus.

Back at G-T-S Motor Lodge, we had some lunch in the car and then drove the Going To The Sun road over to Apgar, and then to West Glacier for dinner. Visited the Huckleberry Shack and met the worker who is here for the summer from Istanbul Turkey. We had dinner at the Glacier Highland restaurant in West Glacier, and I had my first Huckleberry pie. It was pretty good. The crust was tough, but the "hucks" as the locals call them, were good.
Checked into Lake McDonald Lodge and stayed overnight there. The lodge is a rustic, historic and impressive place and you pay for the experience. The room was small, but not as bad as the G-T-S Motor Lodge cabins. No air conditioning, the same micro sink in the bathroom but a little larger shower. It was cooler on Thursday so we didn't need air conditioning. It was a relief after the cabin at G-T-S Motor Lodge.

At Goose Island overlook. Photo by Jonathan the bus driver - The youngest Jammer in 2019.

Connie's "prairie dog" shot of ?? falls. A "prarier dog" is when the bus stops and everyone gets to stand up through the open roof of the bus. You can see the bus frame at the bottom of the shot.

No explanation needed I think.

Jonathan when he dropped us off at GTS Lodge. We were the last ones on and the first off. The bus started at Many Glacier Lodge.

Lake McDonald at about 2:30 PM. It was windy. Seems windy most of the time.

Huckleberry pie at Glacier Highland Restaraunt. Not bad!