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Glacier Vacation
Sunday - Day 5

Sunday, August 25th

Walked around City Park and then realized there was a wooden boat show at the marina. It was free! What a bonanza. We walked through the boat show admiring the boats. There were old boats back to 1940, and new boats made as late as 2018. Stancraft and Couer Customs are two local boat companies who had several boats each in the show. They were stunning. One was for sale for $290,000.

At 10:30 we boarded a cruise boat for a cruise around the lake, including brunch. The tables and chairs were very close together. Fortunately the tables were less than half full so it wasn't as bad as could have been. The food was pretty good, but not very hot and nearly cold by the time we got back to the table with it. The boat tour was decent, and the weather was fine. Sunny and breeze. A perfect day for the three sail boats that were out (one of them motoring - duh).

After the boat excursion we headed to Spoken Washington. We checked into the Hampton Inn there and then headed to Manito Park. We hiked around there a bit, checking out the flowers mostly, then drove downtown to the falls park.
They have closed several bridges across the river and turned a large area into a park. It's still under development. I'm not sure we were so impressed with the park, but the river and falls are pretty neat.

Couer Custom boat. Hard to see from this angle, but it has a barrel stern like the old classic speedboats.

Square rigged boat. The only sailboat in the show. Very impressive piece of work

Float plane landing. This pilot was an artist. He taxied it up close to the dock, shut of the engine and it coasted and made a 45 degree turn. He was able to step off the float onto the dock with the dock line.

This is a big park with a small lake, a rose garden, and this garden. There is also a conservatory, which we did not go into.

The river park downtown Spokane. Impressive river and falls. We weren't really impressed by the park they are still building.